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Botulinum Toxin Treatment – Crow’s Feet

(肉毒桿菌素注射 – 魚尾紋)

Dr Yeung Ho Hong ( 楊浩康 醫生 ) 2021-11-28

Botulinum Toxin Treatment – Crow’s Feet


Botulinum toxin injection for crow’s feet is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The primary muscle causing crow’s feet is the external part of the orbicularis oculi. For the treatment of crow’s feet, botulinum toxin can be injected to the canthal region. Usually, botulinum toxin is injected over 3 to 5 points on each side of canthal region. An intradermal injection technique is commonly used to minimize the risk of bruising. Commonly seen adverse event is mild periorbital hematoma or bruising. If the botulinum toxin is inappropriately injected into the inferior region of zygomaticus major muscle, it may cause drooping mouth corners.