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Botulinum Toxin Treatment - Brow Lifting

(肉毒桿菌素注射 – 提升眼眉)

Dr Yeung Ho Hong ( 楊浩康 醫生 ) 2022-5-18

Botulinum Toxin Treatment - Brow Lifting(肉毒桿菌素注射 – 提升眼眉)

Botulinum toxin injection can be used to achieve brow lifting, and is sometimes performed in conjunction with other upper facial botulinum toxin treatments.

The target muscles for brow lifting are the brow depressors, including the procerus, the corrugators, the depressor supercilii, and parts of the orbicularis oculi. Botulinum toxin is usually injected at four different points. This treatment is usually effective and safe. Eyelid or brow ptosis occur rarely.